Franz Schmitz has spent his entire professional life in the retail sector - either directly or on the investor’s side or in the real estate departments of big retailers: he consequently knows this kind of real estate from every perspective.
As Vice President for Real Estate he was responsible for the worldwide expansion and the optimization of the complete portfolio of retail real estate of Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH, Ingolstadt (Germany) during the last 15 years. He founded and headed a department of international specialists that developed and implemented innovative real estate strategies; furthermore, he was responsible for the group’s economic asset management as well as the real estate contract negotiation and development within the group. More than 50% of the around 1,000 stores in the 15 countries in which the Media-Saturn group was present – among others in Turkey, Russia and China - were opened under his direction.
The real estate economist (ebs) started his career in 1979 at C&A. Among other things, he was in charge of the company’s Northern German stores and its logistics center in Schifferstadt before he became responsible for the real estate department in 1997.
As the head of the center of competence focusing on retail real estate of DGMG, a subsidiary of the Deutsche Bank AG, he acted as internal coach for the group in real estate matters and was responsible for the development and implementation of strategies regarding shopping centers.



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